About Off Beat Native


The Offbeat Native woman knows that there’s too much conformity in perfection, so she chooses to differ and not always conform.

She’s comfortable in her own skin and can pull off anything.

She chooses comfort, functionality and versatility with the occasional trendy flair of her own.



Alexis founded Offbeat Native in 2018, driven by the ideas of imperfection, unconventionality, and plentiful self-confidence. The brand represents her back-to-reality approach to style, and it has given Alexis the opportunity to create something bigger than herself.

Years ago as a fashion student, Alexis fell in love with the industry while interning for a PR firm in Beverly Hills, working with A-list talent and influencers you may know and love. Then, Alexis gained more knowledge through her work for boutiques and startups, including unexpected responsibilities and freedom, all while managing her own blog. She found passion in one-on-one customer service and in managing successful e-commerce businesses. 

Alexis mindfully hand-picks each ready-to-wear piece with her native Midwest roots at heart, with the goal of bringing you admirable ease. She believes an Offbeat Native woman is moved by a lifestyle of self-rule, allocating her uniquely attractive qualities to those around her. The Offbeat Native collection puts Alexis’ soul on display, and she can’t wait to help you curate the perfect look!